1. Assessing

    Learn about the Assessing Department, and download documents related to their area of expertise.

  2. Building Department

    Download applications needed for building activities in Exeter.

  3. Clerk

    The Clerk is the official record keeper for the township.

  4. Fire Department

    The Fire Department is available to help in emergency situations.

  5. Parks & Recreation

    The 2014 - 2019 Exeter Township Community Recreation Plan is designed to direct future development of recreational facilities, programs and related activities within the township. This plan will serve as a guide in helping the community achieve it's recreation and open space goals over the five-year planning period. Park and recreational opportunities are recognized as increasingly important elements of community life and health, as well as economic development. This plan proposes a range of recreational improvements based upon the results of a township recreation survey that was conducted to provide information about the community's park and recreation needs and priorities (see Attachment A). As Exeter Township is not currently in the financial position to entirely fund this program, implementation will require innovative funding strategies and financial assistance from various state and federal grant programs, as well as private donations and fund raising.

  6. Supervisor

    The Township Supervisor is responsible for supervising.

  7. Treasurer

    The Treasurer collects funds for the township.

  8. Zoning

    Download applications for Zoning projects.